domingo, 6 de abril de 2008

Welcome demopeople!

Hello everyone!

We (TimeScratchers) have decided to create a blog to post about the creation and evollution of our realtime demo technollogy application.

¿What is DemoSystem?

DemoSystem is a demo-editor, and application to develop realtime multimedia presentations. We are doing this to reach a few goals:
  • To have an extensible and easy to use enviroment for our demoscene creations
  • To improve our skills on strong object oriented and graphics programming
  • To provide demoscene aspirants with an easy path to get their hands dirty
¿What's the current state of development?

DemoStudio 0.2 was created a few years ago and was used to make our most succesfull production to date, BgParty 2007 Invitation.

This very version of the application have been discontinued for some reasons, mostly bad design decission that where taken at such time that we were such noobs.

Now we are working on DemoStudio 0.3 which is completely being made from scratch (or we can say "timescratch":D). By now, it is a huge bunch of useless classes that paint nothing but ugly objects on the screen... but it's evolving really fast, althoug surelly we are still a few month away from a release of any kind.

We have planned to entry a demo in Inspire Demoparty. Surelly the demo editor won't be ready to show it's full potential, but we kind of need the presence of a close deadline to inject some pressure in the development team :D The idea behind this demo is to take the engine from its actual theorycal state to a working, close to production state. So don't expect too much for this realease, which should be considered "proof of concept" if that still meaning somenthing nowadays...

We are targetting DemoSystem's production state (and an ubercool production to show off its capabilities) for this summer, maybe for The Assembly, o NVScene.

¿Who's working on DemoSystem?

DemoSystem is mainly a learning project. It's aimed to grow our skills on heavilly OOP applications and graphics programming. Specially for the new members of TimeScratchers team.

I'm (btw, It's nolver writting here) in charge of the design and the project management. And the new four programmers (which by the way are new to demoscene and graphics programming) are in charge of the implementation. Qapitan, Prisim and Zelldweller are working on the concept and assets for the upcoming release production.

So, to be honest, these are the guys who are doing the real hard work:
  • bmf
  • ryu
  • cerberus
Will be DemoSystem publicly available?

Yet to be officially decided, but It's almost assured. The entire system is designed with extensibility and third party users in mind. So it will be a real pity if it doesn't.

When will be it available? Who knows... can't tell right know :D

And now what?

While we continue the develoment, we are gonna release bits of information about the application. Maybe some screenshots, tech info, development reports... and stuff like that.

If you are insterested in our stuf, feel free to add this blog to you feeds, and please don't hesitate to post you comments.

Thanks for your attention!

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